Our Values

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In all its charity work, RCO embraces the following values:


We commit to work with clear and declared procedures within an explicit ethical policy. Our commitment lies in providing the right information at the highest levels of accuracy and honesty without prejudice to the privacy of the beneficiaries and the confidentiality of their information.


In charitable and humanitarian work, we are in distinct need for integrity, as it is a religious, ethical and behavioural value in the first place, and is related to honesty, transparency, incorruptibility and high morality.


We consider fairness as our main social base in the provision of our services in general. Justice, equity, fairness and equality are key themes in our work, as well as platforms from which we move to achieve success and development.


The strength of communities and nations lies in teamwork. Notably, communities whose members collaborate together have higher rank among nations. Through our collective action based on existing competencies and continuous hard work, we aim to achieve all our goals and aspirations.


Respect is one of the precious values we are keen to characterize everything we do. Our work requires us to respect all people equally and treat them with all appreciation, care and commitment, both in times of prosperity and distress.


Based on the saying of Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon Him, "God loves if you do one of your work to be proficient", we commit to the performance of all our works and services without any flaws or deficiency by adhering to the controls, techniques and requirements of quality and to ensure the performance of these works and services on time without delay, in addition to the continuous development in this field.


The use of creativity as a mean to develop our charity resources and select the assisting projects that are appropriate to each circumstance requires a holistic view in the management of humanitarian and relief programs, and development of an adequate administrative mechanism to properly control the implementation of these programs in a professional manner.